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#1 // 25 while I’m 25

Have you ever noticed that some years just run together and that the only way you can separate them is by large events? Like, “that was BEFORE we were engaged” or “Yeah, that was right AFTER we got married”, etc. Anyway, I don’t foresee any large events in the near future, so to make this year memorable, I’ve decided to document it in a series I’m calling “25 While I’m 25”. Over the next year, I’ll be taking 25 self portraits that represent my 25th year of life.

We spent this past Sunday in Manhattan Beach visiting my Aunt with my parents and brother. Sometimes you just need to take a step away from work, and spend a gorgeous day with the people you love.  For this first post I cheated a  bit, and had Matt take the pictures for me:)

Manhattan Beach Self Portrait Photo Katie Jackson

The scenery was just so beautiful.

Manhattan Beach Self Portrait Photo

Here, Matt was trying to drive me crazy by holding down the shutter and taking about a million pictures in the span of ten seconds. He succeeded. I guess this is my punishment for cheating during my first “self-portrait” post. 

Manhattan Beach Self Portrait Photo

Matt HATES being my model, but he says he can deal with it (for me), as long as he doesn’t have to smile………

Yeah, I have quite a few pictures of Matt looking angry.

But I think it may actually make him look more like a real model, lol.

Happy Monday and hope you have a great week!

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