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#4 // 25 WHILE I’M 25 // with a video!

So the past few weeks have been totally crazy for me and I’ve loved every minute it. We are in the heart of wedding season and I couldn’t be happier. Well, except for the fact that I have been slacking on the blog posts! When things get busy, clients come first! Unfortunately, it means that the blog has to be put on hold– just a little bit:) I have so many shoots and weddings that I’m dying to post!  As we speak type, I’m preparing my next blog post, so be sure to check back for some awesome content! (Side note- when did I start using the word “awesome” so much? lol).  Here are some things that I’m ESPECIALLY excited for in the next few weeks:

  • My BFF is coming home! My dearest friend Kristen has been in Ukraine for the past 2 1/2 years working with the Peace Corps. She is truly an inspiration to me and I can’t wait to see her in person tomorrow! Skype calls just aren’t the same as the real thing.
  • I’m a bridesmaid! One of my other dearest friends is getting married in less than two weeks!  I’m so happy for her and her fiance. They are the sweetest couple and I’m so honored to be one of the girls standing up there with her. P.S. You know I”m going to be bringing my camera to capture some of the experiences from my perspective, but I’m really more excited to be in FRONT of the camera for once!
  • Mini vacation! Since we are are going to Santa Cruz for my friend’s wedding, Matt and I are taking a few days off after the wedding to do a little northern California road trip! We are visiting family and just enjoying a little alone time together:)
  • New sample albums! They are on their way and I can’t wait to see them! I think my 2013 and 2014 couples are going to LOVE them! P.P.S. I may have a problem. I checked my email 20+ times to see if they had shipped yet! I REALLY can’t wait!

All this combined with the usual goodness of photo shoots and client meetings, I’m going to have an AMAZING next few weeks! Here is a shot of me from a few weeks ago, shot by my friend Kristen from Burtch Photography.

The shot above is from a styled shoot that Kristen and I participated in a few weeks ago. We had an amazing time and the videographers , Buffo Video, just finished their video! Check it out here. You can see me in a few of the scenes wearing all denim (with white and blue striped flats)! I honestly did not notice them recording video at all! Good thing I love to smile:) (See me and Kristen shooting together at 1:32!)

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  • Your BFF

    That’s weird because you’re an inspiration to me! Keep it up!ReplyCancel

  • Paulina

    aww congrats on the sample albums!! that is *so* exciting! and have fun on vacay! one of my best friends just left to teach in Korea for a year, so I can imagine how great it’s going to be to see your friend after 2 1/2 years!ReplyCancel

    • kjackson

      Thank you so much Paulina! The sample albums turned out so well! I’m loving my new printer. And yes, it was so wonderful to see my bff after so long. I hope she stays around for a LONG while!ReplyCancel

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