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England Part I

Last fall, Matt and I went on a journey to a land filled with delightful accents, delicious tea and the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. We hadn’t been there since 2009, but it felt like no time had elapsed at all. The days were gloomy and cool and the afternoons usually graced us with rays of golden sunshine which made the sunsets unbearably beautiful. This is one of those gorgeous afternoons.

These are some of the the nicest horses. Ever. As we got near their fence, they actually came up to greet us. See the tall one on the right? He is actually letting Matt pet him!

One of the biggest perks to being in a country that is known for rain is the stunning  scenery that comes with it.

Ok, so I think we also met the nicest dogs EVER. They ran across a whole field just to greet us.

And here are those dazzling sunsets I was talking about. Look at those clouds!

This was one of my favorite days.

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