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England Part II

On our trip to England last fall (check out England Part I here), we went to visit Matt’s Auntie in the south of England.  The south is much warmer and thus the beach is a very real possibility. On one of the only sunny days during our vacation, the three of us journeyed to the beach to hike along the ocean.

I’m not much of a hiker, UNLESS its beach side, then I’m all game. The hike was so worth this view!

 In England it is totally normal to be hiking next to cows. Totally normal.

When you are from LA, and see Bruce Jenner at Starbucks on a regular basis, I guess cows are the equivalent to a star sighting.

So obviously when we walked past the cows, I HAD to get a picture with them.

Matt and his Auntie right before we made the hike back to the town centre for TEA TIME (of course).

The next day, we woke up and went for a hike in Matt’s Auntie’s village. We saw some sheep hanging out in a field and of course, I wanted a picture with them.

Apparently, my neck got bit by a bug (not really, I just have no other way to explain that pose)

When I said “hike” I meant “walk to tea time”.

After some delicious tea and scones at the village store, we made our way back home. All I can say is that I wish our house had a name instead of a house number and

I wish our front gate looked this amazing.

Perk of living in England: getting to see those classic red phone booths. EVERYWHERE.

Even on the side of a country lane.

On our last morning, I was given the coolest job ever. Pick up the milk. After the milk man dropped it off. YES. She has a milk man! He drops it off every morning in this little pale red crate. Matt’s Auntie thought I was ridiculous for taking pictures of her milk. But she has a milk man! Doesn’t she know how cool that is?

After using the milk in a bowl of Special K cereal (I swear that FRESH milk made the cereal taste better), we finished off the morning with some toast and fancy orange marmalade from the village store.

(P.S. Just in case anyone was wondering, the stereotype is TRUE people, tea time is ALL the time! And I love it!).

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  • Hi Katie! I saw you on Jasmine Star’s blog and as my sister is called Katie Jackson I had to visit your website! I saw this post on England an I loved it! I live in England and this totally made me laugh! Beautiful photos and brilliant commentary on our English idiosyncrasies!ReplyCancel

  • kjackson

    Hi Emma! Thank you for your comment! I absolutely love British culture. I love the friendliness of the people and I might want to move there if it was a little bit warmer there! And if there was a lot less rain, lol. I guess I will just settle for my annual visits!ReplyCancel

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