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Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding Photography

As I said in my last post, it is WEDDING WEEK! Yay! The first wedding is actually a wedding that I second shot for Molly from Moha Photography back in September. We are good friends and I’m so happy she asked me to join her on this one. Since all of these images were shot and edited by me, you’ll see that almost all of them are candid (as the lead usually takes the posed shots). I actually don’t post the weddings that I second shoot at very much (maybe I will start!), but I HAD to share this one. I’ve been to many wedding venues and at this point, if I were to do MY wedding over again, THIS is where I would have it. It kind of kills me to say it, because I LOVED my wedding venue but this place is just perfect.

Flying Caballos Ranch allows you to have a relaxed wedding and really lends itself to DIY weddings (like this one). I just like how laid back this place is. Most wedding venues give you an allotted time for the venue, for example you have the venue from 3pm-10pm. At Flying Caballos Ranch, you actually rent out the entire property for the weekend (3 nights)! That means you can get there on Thursday afternoon and not have to leave until Sunday midday. If you are getting married on Saturday, you could use all day Friday to set things up and even have your rehearsal dinner there! The property also has multiple “residences” which means you can have your close family and friends stay on the property for the weekend. That is not only convenient but eliminates the need for them to get a hotel room. There is also a “honeymoon” room for you and your new spouse to stay in on your wedding night. Does this place get any more perfect?! Also considering you are renting the property for an entire weekend, it is very affordable!

I have no affiliation with the venue, but after shooting there I decided to take a peek at their website. I love them already. They SHOW THEIR PRICES and even show which dates they have available. Could they make it any easier!?!?

Okay, so enough writing, feel free to see my commentary below on more ways this venue is epic and if you are wondering something please feel free to ask! I’m not affiliated with the venue whatsoever, but I’ll be happy to provide input based on the day I spent there shooting.

The guys just hangin’ out.

Pre-wedding shots. As they say “If it comes out of a mason jar, it MUST be good.” This was no exception.

Here Matt is waiting for the First Look. He hadn’t even seen her yet and he was already getting emotional. I love first looks for this reason! It slows things down and really gives you a private moment with your soon to be spouse! 

How cute is this? They were so excited to see each other! 
Time for bridal party pics!

In the background (picture below left) that is the Water Tower (aka honeymoon suite)!

Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding Photo
The ceremony location is TO DIE FOR. Look at these views!
Instead of rice, they gave everyone lavender to throw as they walked down the aisle after the ceremony! 

The groom and his Dad made this structure for the ceremony. How cool is that! DIY to the max!
Ring bearer pillow!
Flying Caballos Ranch has the longest aisle EVER! But that also means there are tons of opportunities for pictures!
This is one of my favorite pictures of the day. The bride and her dad look so happy!
Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding Photo
Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding Photo
The views were GORGEOUS!!!!
Flying Caballos Ranch Wedding Photo

I love capturing the reactions of family and friends. They get emotional too!

(And these are usually reactions that the bride and groom miss because they are a little busy getting married). 


This wedding was FULL of DIY elements and I loved it!

They had a S’MORES bar! See pictures further down for the cool fire pit! 

I love these table numbers that they made themselves!

Grand entrance to the reception!
Flying Caballos Ranch Photo

How pretty is that light in the trees? 

I love it when speeches are funny. 

I love them even more when they are emotional.

Flying Caballos Ranch Photo
It was the bride’s dream to have a flash mob at her wedding. Her family and friends surprised her with a choreographed dance that everyone was in on!
Wedding Guest Flash Mob Photo
Wedding Guest Flash Mob Photo

Wedding Guest Flash Mob Photo
S’MORES TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Flying Caballos Ranch Smores photo
Flying Caballos Ranch Smores photo
This little hut was also a DIY element. It looked so good at night!
I love the bouquet toss so much! Best reactions!

Ok, so now you see why I love this venue so much! If you are getting married at the Flying Caballos Ranch, give me a call because I would LOVE to shoot there again:)

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