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Evette’s Bridal Shower!!

Evette had her bridal shower at one of the most perfect places possible. At a bridal store! Strut (I’m in love with the name) in Long Beach to be exact! Evette works at Strut and her boss, Anne, was nice enough to let her use the space for the afternoon. Lucky for me, I had the privilege of documenting it all! Honestly, you couldn’t have asked for a better backdrop for her event then having rows and rows of wedding dresses in beautiful fabric, surrounded by equally beautiful accessories, not to mention the fact that she was surrounded by thirty of her closest friends. And what I loved even more than the location of her bridal shower was the fact that she didn’t want to do any of the conventional bridal shower games and instead played ones that (I think) were even better!

The event started out with gourmet appetizers and cupcakes. I loved the individual cups of 7-layer-dip!

Those cupcakes look sooo good!

Wedding dress backdrop! Love!

Like most women, Evette loves to talk with her girlfriends, so all of her games were built off of the ideas of communication and friendship. I’ll explain how the games worked in case you want to play them at your own bridal shower!

GUESS WHO (I totally made up all of these names—so Evette I’m sorry if the names are completely wrong) Before the event, the bride and the bridal shower host get together and write a phrase that pertains to each guest at the shower on a slip of paper . For example  “This person loves to watch Scandal with the Bride every Thursday”. Then at the beginning of the shower, you hand out a slip of paper to each guest and the guest has to find who is being described on the slip of paper. This game gets people talking to each other and mingling—which is especially helpful when multiple friend groups meet each other for the first time at a bridal shower. It also helps the guests learn something unique about the other guests at the event.

TELL ME A STORY (another made up title) At the event, handout an index card and pen to each guest. Ask each guest to write a story about a memory they have with the bride on the index card (THEY SHOULD NOT PUT THEIR NAME ON THE CARD).  The funnier (yet appropriate) memory the better! Then each guest hands their card to the host. The bride then reads each card out loud and tries to guess who wrote it. This game is pretty easy for the bride (unless it is a memory from a really long time ago), but it gets everyone laughing and they all get to learn more about the bride’s relationship with her guests. Some of the stories were pretty epic, so I loved this one!

Look at these smiles!

CHARADES! This is an oldie but still so much fun! Especially when you have some really competitive friends:) This is a game for teams, so the party needs to be split up into 2 or 3 teams. Then one person from each teams goes to the front and acts out certain wedding/bride related terms. ONLY their team can guess and for every one they get correct, they get a point. After a few rounds, the team with the most points wins. You can use this APP to upload custom words to the APP so that the phrases are ones that are personalized to the bride (for example, the wedding venue or the groom’s name).  The customization made it harder since it was so specific, but it added a challenging and personal twist to the game.

See the excitement!?

So if you are hosting a bridal shower in the near future, there are three games you can consider doing during the event. I promise you they are a lot of fun and easy to set up! And I guarantee that you’ll get tons of laughs and smiles from your guests just like at Evette’s shower!

Engaged girls showing off their rings! 
Evette- you are GORGEOUS!

Evette- Thank you so much for allowing me to document this wonderful event with your friends and family. It was so much fun to see everyone having such a good time!

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