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Monterey, CA Vacation Photography

A few weekends ago, I second shot a wedding in Monterey, CA, so we I decided to turn it into a little mini vacation! Here are a few images from our trip:)

We did a quick visit to the Monterey Bay Aquarium.

The scenery was just beautiful!

Although it may look like outside, the picture above is actually INSIDE! The aquarium did an amazing job of recreating the birds’ natural environment! The pictures below are from a different angle and you can see the windows  in the background.

For some reason, whenever we visit a zoo type of place we instantly turn into animal rights activists. I saw all the adorable birds and I said “They need to be FREE!”. As I started to devise a  jail break to get the birds “out of this joint”,  I saw this sign: 

Then I took a closer look and realized that the birds were all indeed injured in some way, which broke my heart. But I was so glad to know that the birds (and the rest of the fish etc.) had a wonderful place like the aquarium in which to live.   

After the aquarium, we took a beautiful walk along the coast. 

For lunch we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Leave it to me to visit a new seaside town and rush straight for the chain restaurant.  Next time I’m getting recommendations for some delicious local places. Although, I will say that I do love Forest Gump the movie, and Tom Hanks and I really think these signs are the coolest…….

After lunch, we saw these Cannery Row buildings on our way back to the car. 

Then we started our long drive home.

And stopped at Pismo Beach on the way.

I wish we could drive our car on the beach ALL the time……

We had a great trip overall and I was so thankful that we got to spend the weekend together.

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