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Santa Ynez Engagement Photography // Rita + Dmitri

I knew Dmitri and Rita from when we worked together a few years back, so I was overjoyed when they asked me to shoot their engagement pictures. We made a small trek out to the Santa Ynez valley for the shoot and it was well worth it! The light couldn’t have been more perfect. I loved seeing them interact with one another and capturing every moment.

Have these two been modeling on the side?!

Then Rita changed dresses and before she came out, Dmitri told me that as soon as he saw her for the first time in the dress, he had immediately insisted that she buy it. It was THAT amazing. My response #1: Dmitri is going to have to teach Matt how to insist on buying me new dresses #2 Dmitri was so right. This dress + Rita = PERFECT. So perfect, I couldn’t resist putting more images of just her.

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