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That Day My Dog Ate a Cupcake

A few months ago, Kristen (one of my bffs) gave me Sprinkles cupcakes for my birthday and she gave me a mini dog-safe cupcake for JJ too! Isn’t she so thoughtful!?

I now give you the silliest post ever…. That day my dog ate a cupcake!!

(Because no matter what he does, he is so adorable)

“Open it up already!!!!”

“That looks heavy. Let me take that off your hands.”

“No, really. It’s no trouble at all.”

“What cupcake? I didn’t have a cupcake…..”

He inhaled that thing.

Great. Now he’s addicted to Sprinkles cupcakes too.

Your welcome. The silliest post ever is now over. And yes. Yes, I did just write out text as if my dog were talking to me.

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