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Jenny + Brett

Jenny and Brett are two of my favorites! Here are a few things that I love about them:

  1.  Their little pup is such a cutie and his name is a combination of both their names, Jett : )
  2. They both LOVE Disneyland and when I asked Brett what he was most looking forward to when it came to their wedding, he said “the honeymoon”. Since their honeymoon is going to be an extended stay at Disney World in Florida– I don’t blame him! I’d be excited too!
  3. Jenny may be one of my most organized brides ever! But that shouldn’t be a surprise because she is actually a wedding coordinator!  I’m already excited for how smoothly their day is going to go.
  4. Jenny loves pretty watches, gold, bows and confetti. We just might be soul mates : )

Jenny and Brett met at a high school baseball game, but they actually went to RIVAL high schools! Despite their rival roots, things DID NOT end up like Romeo and Juliet, but instead with them planning their wedding! I love that they incorporated a part of their relationship into the shoot by starting out at the baseball field where they met. Almost exactly in the seats that you see in the first image. They met in those seats and the rest is history…

Love them!

I’m kind of obsessed with this image. 

Scrabble- Another way they incorporated things that are SO THEM.  LOVE THIS.

Congratulations Jenny and Brett! I’m beyond excited for your wedding next year!

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