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Becky + Paul// Engaged!!! Part 1

This past Sunday I did my very first two part engagement session. What I loved the most is that the first half is so different from the second half.  This session was 95% candid and totally “lifestyle”. It has an urban feel. The second half is dreamy, romantic and just plain gorgeous.

When Becky and Paul told me that they are both interior designers (they met in school), I was like “COOL!” It’s pretty amazing when other artists like your work, so I was ecstatic when they asked me to shoot their engagement session.  Then I thought about the fact that even though I’ve lived at my house for 2 years, people think we just moved in 2 WEEKS ago. It is THAT decorated.  Okay, so at the end of all of this I may (definitely) need to hire them (for sure). Oh and Becky also has a blog, so in the meantime I think I’ll follow her to get some inspiration:)

I asked them what they like to do in their free time and one of their responses was “go to flea markets” and I was like “CAN WE PLEASE DO THAT?” So they woke up just after sunrise and met me at the Rose Bowl for its monthly flea market. I’ve lived in the Los Angeles area my whole life and of course it takes the two people originally from the other side of the country to introduce me to the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Confession: Becky and Paul didn’t look at these keys whatsoever. I just though they would make a cool picture… 

I was right.

THEN Paul kept finding things that matched his pants.

Like this chair.

And this pillow.

(see the fabric on the bottom?)

The pillow was so unique that they HAD to have it.

First purchase!
At this point, I said “Out of all this cool stuff, how did you pick the pillow?”

They responded with something like “It fits the eclectic style of our home. Plus no one else has it.”

Then I thought about it. I wonder what other stuff their home has that no one else has!

I then thought about ways I could get invited over to their house to see the epic decor that I know they have.

Somehow get them to accidentally steal something of mine, so I have to come over to pick it up?

No. Too hard. I’ve never tried pick-pocketing. Much less reverse-pick-pocketing.

Kidnap their dog/cat and then be the good Samaritan that goes over to drop him/her off.

Do they even have animals?

My first plan of action: Casually mention on my blog that I’d like to be invited over to their house

and hope they get the hint to actually invite me over…

I promise you this next one wasn’t posed. She just looks this good when she goes shopping.
Observation: When I’m shopping for home decor, I never really take into consideration different textures. But based on what I heard Becky and Paul say— it should play a big role in your decision to use/buy something. For example, you shouldn’t have too much of the same fabric/texture.  Is that obvious? Maybe, but I’ve never actually thought about it. 
They look famous, don’t they?

I actually thought it was so weird

that no one thought it was weird that I was following them around and photographing them.

I guess people thought I was just the most obvious paparazzi ever.

Paul’s favorite number is four.

So they collect fours.

Thus their next purchase.

How much do you love their shirts?

They are too perfect. 

Congratulations Becky and Paul! I can’t wait to show off PART 2!!!!

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  • Oh my gosh, Katie, what a great idea for a shoot! Love these!ReplyCancel

    • Katie

      Thank you so much Angela!!! It was so much fun shooting this!!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen

    If these pictures and your blog post tell me anything, it tells me I want be their friend! ReplyCancel

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